NutriScan Coupon Code

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7 Top Things about FamilyTree DNA You Should Know

Created in 2000, FamilyTreeDNA is one of the oldest direct-to-consumer DNA testing brands in the world today. Since 2006, the company runs all its genetic tests in-house, from its private facilities in Houston, Texas. One of the main things that set the company apart from the competition is that it does more than autosomal testing. […]

5 Things About Living DNA You Should Know

Do you want to find out your origins? Living DNA is one of the most popular solutions to use when you want to find your ancestry. It breaks down your heritage into geographic regions using your DNA test results. The UK based company was founded in 2016, by David Nicholson and Hannah Morden-Nicholson. Living DNA […]

6 Things You Ought to Know About Vitagene

Vitagene is an autosomal DNA testing company launched in 2015. It provides personalized health and wellness plans using your DNA test results generated in a CLIA-certified lab. As a customer, you’ll be able to make better lifestyle choices and achieve your health goals using the brand’s recommendations. Founded by Mehdi Maghsoodnia and Dr. Reza Malek […]

8 Things You Need to Know about 23andme

Founded in 2006 by Anne Wojcicki, 23andme is one of the most popular companies in the ancestry and health niche. Like others, it uses DNA data to provide ancestry and health reports. In 2013, the company (and others) was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from delivering reports on disease risks.   In 2017, […]

What Will a Dog DNA Test Tell You?

Are you looking into DNA testing for your dog?  You may have a mixed breed dog and wondering what dogs contribute to this mix.  All DNA tests can tell you what breeds make up your dog’s mix, but they can also tell you much more information about your dog.   These are some common things that you can […]

Wisdom DNA dog tests Review

Introduction Are you wondering what breed of dog your dog maybe?  A DNA test will help you determine what breed of dog you may have.  While there are many DNA tests available, how do you choose which one?  Wisdom DNA tests are great tests at giving you not only information on what breed of dog that you have […]

Can DNA tests tell how old a dog is?

Introduction: Doggy DNA tests have become increasingly popular due to accessibility and reasonable price points, but can they tell how old a dog is? Dog ageing has been surrounded by the myth known as the ‘dog years theory,’ which provides a guess-estimation of age. As this isn’t accurate, professionals tend to use their veterinary expertise […]

Embark Dog DNA Test (Breed & Health Kit) Reviews for 2022

If you’ve ever been curious about what breeds contributed to your mixed breed, there is a way of knowing the precise origins of your new furry best friend. The Embark Breed and Health Dog DNA test features 200,000 plus genetic markers and offers 100 times more genetic information than its competitors. Apart from checking over […]

DNA My Dog

DNA dog tests not only give you more information about your pup but can help you develop an appropriate health plan for your pet. If you’re keen to know more about your pup and what you can do about certain hereditary diseases, all you need to do is find an excellent genetic dog DNA test. […]